RAINBOW, YLBER in Albanian, is the Kosovo's first podcast series dedicated exclusively to LGBT+ matters. As part of the project "NO SHAME," the RAINBOW series seeks to document and raise awareness on LGBT+ rights and lives. With this project, we wish to improve the media representation of diversity, and to create a platform for the dignified and informed discussions of pressing LGBT+ issues.

The project is implemented in partnership with Sbunker. It is realized with the financial support of the European Union, as part of the project Reporting Diversity Network 2.0.

YLBER - Episode 1: Legal recognition of same-sex marriages


When the media reports on issues related to LGBTIQ+ people, it is usually done in a sensationalist manner and in absence of accurate information. This is also true when it comes to the issue of institutional recognition of gay and lesbian relationships, with very little reporting dedicated to how the lack of legal recognition affects non-heterosexual couples.


Wishing to explore this matter, we talked with human rights lawyer Rina Kika and Erëza Bytyqin, a non-binary person, to better understand the consequence of the lack of a law on same-sex marriage in Kosovo, the positive effects that such legal recognition would bring about, and the difference between civil union and marriage. During the conversation, we also touched upon cases from the region of LGBTIQ+ people who are challenging state-sanctioned discrimination.


Moderator: Dardan Hoti

Researcher: Roni Idrizaj

Design: Elvira Thaçi

Recording and editing: Gent Gorani

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