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Our projects

LOVE is LOVE is LOVE"  is a visual journey into the glorious mystery of love, and an invitation to imagine what world free love would shape, if love was allowed to be. The project is an artistic intervention aiming to challenge publicly the marginalization and erasure of gender, sexual and ethnic minorities in Kosovo. It consists of the realization of a mural giving visibility to discriminated groups in Kosovo, especially LGBT+ people, people with disabilities and people from non-majority communities, devoting a public space to their existence and their dignity. It also foresees the realization of other artistic performances as part of MANIFESTA 14 Prishtina, taking place between July and October 2022.

"LOVE is LOVE is LOVE" is supported by the Directorate of Culture of the Municipality of Prishtina and MANIFESTA 14 Prishtina.

NO SHAME" is a project documenting and raising awareness on LGBT+ rights and lives, consisting of the production of Kosovo's first podcast series dedicated exclusively to LGBT+ matters. The project seeks to improve the media representation of diversity, and to create a platform for the dignified and informed discussions of pressing LGBT+ issues.

"NO SHAME" is implemented in parternship with NGO and online blog Sbunker, and supported by Reporting Diversity Network 2.0, a project funded by the European Union, the Balkan Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As an effort to support existing LGBT+ initiatives, we are operating as fiscal sponsor for a project offering coverage of the 2022 Prishtina Pride Week - through article and video production. The project is implemented by Dylberizm, Kosovo's first LGBT+ platform in Albanian language.

The project is supported by the Swiss Embassy in Kosovo.

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